Gathering Graces 3/16/2018

*I had quite the social schedule today!!  First I met my sister-in-law Debbie at The Bean to have coffee and knit and visit.  I didn’t realize that knitting in public helps you meet people.  One woman came in who was fascinated by the way I was knitting, because it was different from the way she learned how to knit.  Debbie explained that this woman knits Continental style, and I knit American style.  Then she showed us some slippers she was knitting.  Aubrey, it was a delight talking with your grandmother!!  Right before we were getting ready to leave, Christy came in to grab a drink between her PT and her nail appointment.
*My next stop was Best Shots, to have lunch with my friend Pam.  We had a wonderful visit.  While we were there, Molly, Travis and their niece Zoe came in to have lunch, too. 
*After lunch I needed a break, so I went in and took, what in our family is known as a “coma nap”.  I slept from about 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  It felt really good.
*The next event was attending the production of The Rivals at the Sixth Street Theater.  This production was unique in the fact it is a reader’s theater, and they are reading a story from the seventeenth century, and it is British. This is not the type of show you sit back and be entertained, even though it is very entertaining.  This is a show about listening to the words, listening to the story, and hearing the nuances of the language that Sheridan used when he wrote this story.  I takes a while to get into the rhythm of the language, but once you do, it is very funny!!  Good job to the cast, and Paul for his direction.
*The evening was not over yet.  When we got home, Travis had brought a movie he thought we would all like to watch called Reign Over Me.  It is a movie starring Don Cheadle and Adam Sandler in one of his few very serious roles. Sandler portrays Charlie Fineman, who has slipped away from reality after the sudden loss of his wife and children.  It was a quite moving story.


Gathering Graces 3/15/2018

*I can tell it it spring at KHS, because the Counseling Center is bustling as ever, with students  wanting scholarship help.  There was some big deadlines yesterday, and I am so proud of those students who are submitting scholarships!
*At the end of the school day, my desk was a mish mash of piles, papers, and envelopes.  I decided I needed to stay a little longer today to sort through things on my desk, tie up some loose ends, and get some things organized before I left for the day.  I am glad I did.  It will make coming into work on Monday much easier.
*Travis drove Cosette to the Harrison exit outside of Coeur d’Alene to meet up with her friend Sidnee.  She would be spending the night with Sidnee and her family, then heading back to Moscow on Friday.
*Later, Travis and Molly went to Coeur d’Alene to visit some of Travis’ family, and they brought their niece Zoe back here to spend tonight and tomorrow night.  There hasn’t been an 11 year old in the house for a while.  It will be fun to have her around!!
*After a very hectic and emotional week, I wanted to sit and knit and watch a good show on Netflix.  I was looking for a good British comedy, but ended up choosing a British show, but definitely not a comedy.  I started watching Broadchurch.  Molly and Travis said it is really good, so I look forward to watching it (even though I have been warned it is a bit dark and grim).
*It was nice sitting up and talking with Molly and Travis, (even though I got to bed way past my bedtime!!)  But it was worth it!!


Gathering Graces 3/14/2018

*What a whirlwind day I had today.  I just went from one thing to another.
*Throughout most of the day, I pulled some of the seniors out of their Government class to talk with them about where they are at in the college process, and hope to keep them on track.
*I had a parent show up who needed to make corrections on her student’s FAFSA, and we got that done, and it went very smoothly.  Whew!!
*Cosette came to KHS today and hung out with Paul, and they both enjoyed hanging around one another.
*From 10 a.m. to 10:17 a.m., KHS students gathered in the library to sign posters with the names of the 17 victims of the school shooting in Florida.  It was a very moving time, and the students took it very seriously, and many were visibly shaken.

Paul and students signing a poster.

More poster signing.
*After I got home from work, Molly, Travis and I went up to the Sixth Street Theater for a photo shoot.  Molly and Travis like to dress like characters and attend Comic Con events.  They wanted some photos of them in their outfits, so we spent about an hour with me taking their photographs.  It was fun!!
*Around 6 p.m. we went to Kellogg High School for an awesome event put on by the KHS Art Department and Creative Writing Class.  It was called A Night of Art & Poetry: The timeless architecture of Kellogg presented through drawings & poetry of Kellogg High School students.  For the first 45 minutes, you could walk around the cafeteria and look at the artwork students created based on buildings in Kellogg.  The artwork was for sale for $20 a piece.  They also created a Buildings of Kellogg Coloring Book that were drawings of the buildings, and sold this book for $5.  At 6:45 p.m., 16 Creative Writing students got up to the microphone on the stage and shared their poems they wrote based on the buildings of Kellogg.  We heard poems about the McConnell Hotel, a building in Kellogg that burned down last summer, as well as The Bean and Being, written about a local coffee shop, Problematic Bones, based on a Mary Jo White’s Chiropractic building, Dirty Ernies, written by one of the football players who recalls the fans who watched the game from the balcony of this local bar, and Looking Up From the Kellogg Pool, a poem about the old Lincoln school/mall. 


Gathering Graces 3/13/2018

*It was a weird day of emotions today.  I just felt off for some of the day, and I am not sure why.  Then it kind of came back in the evening.  I think some of it is the event surrounding Paul and I in our life.  In different areas of our life, there are conflicts, and emotions are running high, and every day there seems to be something new.  Maybe it is all just getting to me today.
*There was a bright part of my day.  The kids arrived this afternoon, and it is so wonderful to see them!!  Molly, Travis and Cosette arrived to spend some time here in Kellogg during their spring break!!
*This summer one of the additions to our yard will be a Narnia garden.  The kids bought Paul a Solar Lamppost for his birthday, and a Aslan plaque.  Last weekend he purchased an Aslan cement fountain to add to the garden as well.  It will be fun to see how it all comes together.  So one part of the yard is our Hogwarts garden, and now we will also have Narnia.  Maybe after the Narnia Garden, we will create The Shire garden.
*The weather was again beautiful today, and the snow continues to melt.  I look forward to when Nikki and I can get out in the morning and start walking outside.  We had taken a break while Nikki’s grandkids were here last week, and walked this morning and it felt so good.  My body missed the walking!!
*Cosette was working on her taxes this evening, and it reminds me I really need to get those done.  Maybe now that I have typed it out, I will remember.
I lift up my eyes to the hills-- where does my help come from?
My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.
Psalm 121 1-2


Gathering Graces 3/12/2018

*When I arrived home from work, I loved that it was still so light outside.  I went out in the backyard with Mr. Clark and Sadie, and marveled at where the backyard had no snow, and where it still had a couple of inches.  A few more days of sunshine, and the forecasted rain, and it may just go away.  It is official.  I am ready for spring!!
*Students attending North Idaho College next fall have some deadlines coming up, so I sent notes to them today to help keep them on track.  A lot of student are being chosen for Financial Aid verification through the various colleges they will be attending, and sometimes parents and students need a little assistance in filling out those papers and completing the steps required.  Because if they don’t, they will not receive any financial aid monies.
*Paul is bravely teaching students how to drive again this spring by instructing Driver’s Education.  He normally just does the driving part, but last Thursday, Friday and this morning, he also got to teach the 7-8 a.m. classroom instruction part while the other teacher was out of town.  I think he will enjoy getting an extra hour of sleep tomorrow morning, since he won’t have to be at KHS so early.
*I have two senior girls who often come and hang out in my office during seventh period a few times a week.  I enjoy listening to them talk about their lives, and am often intrigued what goes on in their lives.  I enjoy them being around and they bring fun and life into the office at the end of the day.
*Since we don’t go down to the basement a lot, we still had Christmas decorations up.  Molly, Travis and Cosette are arriving tomorrow to spend a few days home over their spring break, so I decided it was time to take down Christmas in the basement.  Paul helped me take the ornaments off the three little trees, Paul dismantled the trees and stored them, I stored the ornaments, and also put the Nativity Scene away, and a few other odds and ends.  Mission accomplished!!
*I have been enjoying looking through my Alexis App in my phone, pulling up TuneIn, and going through the many options of podcasts to listen to while I work in the kitchen.  Tonight I listened to a BBC news station for a little bit, then I found a great interview with Jennifer Egan, the author of the book I just read, Manhattan Beach.  She talked about how she wrote this book and it was really interesting.  I sent a link of the interview from the program New York Time--Book Review to the members of my Book Club.  If you would like to check out this podcast, you can go here.
*Another podcast I have been listening to in the evening is one called Uncivil.  Bill and Debbie had told me about this one.  It is a history podcast, where they go back to the Civil War, and bring stories that were left out of the official history.  If you want to check it out go here.
*I also worked on my new knitting project for a while, and am making progress on it.  I LOVE the yarn I purchased last Saturday to make this project.  And Debbie’s guidance on Sunday has really helped make the process easier.


Gathering Graces 3/11/2018

*Another beautiful day today.  It has been so nice outside, that the 8 inches of snow we still have in the yard seem a little out of place.  The next couple days are suppose to warm up, so that may help melt some of the snow.
*Today we had family dinner, and I spent most of the afternoon preparing for dinner.  On today’s menu was turkey meatballs, tomato sauce, Caesar Salad and Zoodles.  If you are not familiar with Zoodles, it is a way you use spralized zuchinni like pasta.  So I put some zoodles in a bowl, covered it with sauce, and put some meatballs on top, and a little Parmesan cheese.  Paul, Bill and Debbie seemed to like this meal.  I know I did.  Christy was a little under the weather, so her and Everett were unable to come to dinner.
*After dinner, Debbie and I sat on the couch and she gave me some tips on knitting, and we sat knitting and visiting for a while before her and Bill went home.
*I am thankful for my husband Paul every single day, but some days I am VERY thankful.  Today was one of those days.  Some days I just can’t even comprehend my love for him, it is so big. 
*The birds were singing and chirping outside today.  I love that sound.  A week from tomorrow is the first day of spring.  It sounds like the birds are getting ready!!


Gathering Graces 3/10/2018

*It was an absolutely beautiful day today.  The skies were blue.  The sun was shining.  It is amazing how that boosts the overall well being of those around you. 
*I spent the better part of this beautiful day on a trip to Spokane with my sister Christy and sister-in-law Debbie.  We started the morning at World Market. It had been a while since I had been to a World Market.  I forgot what kinds of items you could purchase there (for instance, I forgot they sold furniture), and things are pretty reasonably prices.  I love looking in the food section.  It seems like I always find something interesting to try.  Then we went to Michaels. I bought some yarn to use on some new knitting projects I want to start.  After shopping for a bit, we went to The Onion for lunch.  I had a bison burger wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun.  It was really good. 
*After lunch we headed east to the Spokane Valley Mall and walked through TJ Maxx.  We went to the other end of the parking lot and walked through Home Accents, a store similar to TJ Maxx, but with only household items. 
*With the trunk filling up with purchases, we started driving toward home, but I had one more stop I needed to make to Fred Meyer in Coeur d’Alene.  I am fixing family dinner on Sunday, so I had to pick up a few items to help with the preparation of the meal.  And I found everything I needed.
*It was really fun spending the day with these two women, and having a pretty laid back schedule.  We weren’t rushed in where we had to go, or we didn’t have a timeline on being home at a certain time.  Plus every time we got out of the car, we got to enjoy the sunshine!
*I arrived home to a home full of three cats and a dog, but no people.  Paul had already headed up to the theater.  I unloaded my purchases and started watching a new show on Netflix Alias Grace, while I took one of the skeins of yarn and made it into a ball of yarn.  I tried starting one of my projects, but had a little trouble, so I need will try again later.
*When Paul arrived home, he said he spent most of the beautiful afternoon working outside in the backyard, and he took me outside to show me some new additions to the yard, and how he cleaned up some areas.  I can’t wait to see it in the daylight tomorrow!!
*I headed to bed early, anticipating the time change as we “Spring Forward” tonight, and lose an hour of our early morning.